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About Us

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About the Chamber

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Chuvash Republic is a non-state, nonprofit organization, its legal basis being the federal law "About Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the Russian Federation". The Chamber is financed by membership dues, donor funding and revenues received by rendering a number of chargeable services. At present the CCI of the Chuvash Republic is comprised of 421 entitities representing large, medium and small business of Chuvashia as well as 13 associations and unions.

Our Mission

  • to make the Chuvash Republic a business-attractive region of the Russian Federation;
  • to promote new job creation;
  • to contribute to the business success of our members.

Our Objectives

  • to create a favorable image of the Chuvash Republic
  • to reinforce interaction between business and state, public organizations, entrepreneur associations and mass media;
  • to represent and protect the interests of Chuvash producers;
  • to promote the products of Chuvash manufacturers in other regions of Russia and abroad;
  • to provide our members with legal assistance and business education (arbitration court, legal counseling, seminars and trainings);
  • to render assistance in the development of international and inter-regional business cooperation, foreign trade activities conducted by Chuvash companies and organizations;
  • to ensure sustained development of the CCI
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