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International Cooperation

One of the priorities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Chuvash Republic is the development of foreign economic activity.
The department of foreign affairs of the CCI provides the CCI members with assistance in foreign trade activities:

  • Search and spread of an organizations business data through the information resources of the CCI of the Chuvash Republic (site sections Subcontraction, Offers of Foreign partners), the resources of the Russian CCI, European and international electronic databases (Euro Info Corr Centre, E-trade centre, Chamberpass;
  • Consultating services for the members of the Chuvash CCI on issues of foreign trade and cooperation with foreign countries;
  • Organization of business missions for Chuvash companies and entrepreneurs abroad and assistance in participation in exhibition activities abroad;

The CCI of the Chuvash Republic has an ective cooperation with foreign Chambers of Commerce and industry. There are cooperation agreements signed with the Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Minsk, Magdeburg, India and Chambers of Commerce and Industry of CIS countries, as well as with the Kyrgyzstan CCI, Argentina-Russian CCI and the Jilin department of the Chinese international trade contribution committee etc.

There is a strong cooperation between the CCI of the Chuvash Republic and the CCI of Hannover, the CCI of Karlsruhe, the CCI of Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany), the Katrinholm (Sweden) administration, Austria chamber of economy and also all Russian chambers of commerce and industry.

Services on international and interregional cooperation

  • Search and spread of the organization business data through the infromation resources of the CCI of the Chuvash Republic and the CCI of Russian Federation;
  • Publishing of the business offers of companies in our web-site Subcontraction;
  • Publishing of he business offers of companies in international electronic databases of E-trade center, Euro Info Correspondent Center;
  • Rendering assistance in cooperation establishment with foreign companies using the European information program Chamberpass;
  • Providing information about offers and inquiries of foreign companies on import, export and cooperation;
  • Providing assistance in drawing agreements and contracts;
  • Organization of presentations, business meetings, negotiations, seminars, round-table discussions with foreign and Russian companis, entrepreneurs and associations of Chambers of Commerce and Industry;
  • Organization of business missions abroad (invitations, visas; ticket and hotel booking);
  • Providing assistance in attendance or participating in foreign exhibitions.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Chuvash Republic is a member of the information program Chamberpass of the Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Europe. It is a convenient multilingual internet-source which provides a wide range of services aimed at business cooperation between Chambers of Commerce and Industry, represented as European CCI members. Chamberpass is worked out for Chambers of Commerce and Industry interested in business cooperation with Chambers from all over the world; maintenance of multilateral market relations, coverage of the CCI activity for foreign organizations.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Chuvash Republic also has an access to the electronic database of E-trade-center. E-trade-center is a global electronic database created by the Federal ministry of Economy and Technologies of Germany as a business platform aimed at business relations establishment and the increase of the international cooperation efficiency. The initiative of database creation proceeded from German companies seeking potential partners abroad and willing to inform the international business community about their companies aimed at potential business partners engagement. At present the E-trade-center includes databases of various associations, branch unions, Chambers of commerce and industry of various countries including Europe, Asia, Africa, USA and Latin America.

Services provided for participants of foreign trade activity

  • Code identification of the RF commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity for the declared articles;
  • Determination of tariff and non-tariff restrictions on transfering the goods through the customs (double-purpose goods and technologies, remedies, drugs and strong medicine, psychotropic and toxic substances, food supplements, objects of intellectual property, hazardous waste;
  • Pre-contract value engineering of offers of foreign companies and of government import and export regulation issues.

A Cooperation Agreement between the Federal customs office and the CCI of the Russian Federation was signed in 2005. According to the resolution of the Advisory committee on customs policy realization of the Federal Customs Service, the CCI of the Russian Federation is proposed to become a public body, which will represent the the common position of business community regarding the customs legislation perfection.

The Chuvash CCI and the Customs Office of the Chuvash Republic have also signed a Cooperation Agreement. The experts of the Chuvash Chamber of Commerce and Industry participate in the sessions of the Advisory committee of the Customs Office the Chuvash Republic.

The Chuvah CCI has experts trained in the Russian customs academy in the field of tariff and non-tariff regulation of the foreign economic activity.

Services provided for foreign companies:

  • Rendering assistance in the economic cooperation development (search of business partners based on the requiest or application form; publishing of offers of foreign companies in the sections International cooperation and Subcontraction of the web-site of the Chuvash CCI;
  • Preparation of information about the economic situation and market development, information about particular sections of economy, relevant information on the economic situation in Chuvashia;
  • Organization of business missions (hotel reservations, transport, translation services); planning and organization of meetings with companies;
  • Assistance in participation of foreign companies in exhibitions of Chuvashia;
  • Consulting services on differen questions (information about registration of a company, accreditation of foreign country representatives in Russia, providing contact information on departments and authorities, rendering information on economic, tax and labor law, customs regulations, licensing rules, export / import rpocedures);
  • Accreditation of foreign firms representatives.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Translation Services of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Chuvash Republic.
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