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Ophthalmology Products

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Eye Microsurgery LLC and Kontur

The Universal Vitrector is designed for carrying out the front
or rear eye vitrectomy – a surgical procedure when the
vitreous body (partly or fully) is removed from the eye
and is replaced by gas.

Ophthalmological cannulae for aspiration and irrigation are
used for aspiration of the lenticular masses and
simultaneously irrigation of moisture-replacing liquids,
if the patient suffers from extracapsular cataract extraction.

Aspiration and irrigation needles
hole diameteres: 0.3 mm; 0.4 mm; 0.5 mm
for Alcon phacoemulsificators: Infiniti;
Ассо rus; Universal I, II; Legasi

Project Trend
“Establishing in the Chuvash Republic, together with
the German “World of Medicine AG”, an enterprise
producing endosurgical equipment “.

Equipment for the least aggressive (non-invasive)
surgery MICR

High-technology equipment for operations on knee joints.
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