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Agro-industrial complex

In the first half of 2017 the output of agricultural products in the establishments of all categories made up 10.1 million RUB or 101.5% to the corresponding period in 2016.

Crop production.
The total area of agricultural crops in the establishments of all categories made up 554.0 thousand ha which is by 3,9% less than the level of 2016. The area for cereal crops increased by 1.4% and made up 297.1 thousand ha, for potato decreased by 10.0% and made up 29.6 thousand ha, for vegetables decreased by 21.2% and made up 4.1 thousand ha.

The decrease in crop area for potato occurred due to the reorientation of agricultural producers on the production of other agricultural products because of considerably low price level for potato which was formed in autumn of 2016.

The decrease in crop area for vegetables is conditioned upon the decrease in crop area in farming enterprises by 0.2 thousand ha, populations households by 0.9 thousand ha.

Livestock breeding.
The production of livestock and poultry in the establishments of all categories made up 55.4 thousand t which is by 1.5% less than in January June 2016.

The decrease in meat production was caused by incomplete recovery of the poultry production in Ptitsefabrika Akashevskaya, LLC and Chuvashskiy Broiler, JSC, the production volume of this year made up about 40% of poultry production volume achieved last year.

The decrease in the volume of livestock and poultry production in the establishments of all categories is also conditioned upon the livestock reduction, including pigs by 16,0% to the corresponding date of the previous year mainly because of the liquidation of pig stock due to the African swine fever virus occurred last year and reorientation of agricultural producers on breeding and fattening of other livestock species (cattle). By July 1 of the current year the cattle stock in the establishments of all categories decreased by 0.2% compared to the corresponding date of the previous year, sheep and goats by 1.5%.

In the establishments of all categories the production of milk made up 228.8 thousand t (101.8%), eggs 127.8 million pieces (101.3%).

In agricultural organizations milk yield per cow made up 2952 kg, which is 9.7% more than it was in the corresponding period of the last year. Egg yield of laying hens made up 153 pieces which is 4.1% more.

Government support of the agro-industrial complex.
The amount of support provided by the government for the agro-industrial complex of the Chuvash Republic for the year 2017 makes up 2331.1 million RUB (110.2% to the fact of the year 2016), of which federal funds 1557.5 million RUB (105.3%), republican funds of the Chuvash Republic 773.6 million RUB (121.6%).

In order to ensure timely performance of seasonal field works a special procedure has been organized which provides agricultural producers with subsidies. As of June 1, 2017 agricultural producers and organizations of agro-industrial complex have already received 1159.3 million RUB (49.7% to the year limit) of the provided financial support, of which federal funds 921.7 million RUB (59.2%), republican funds of the Chuvash Republic 237.6 million RUB (30.7%).

Production of food products and drinks. Organizations which produce food products shipped products of their own production for the amount of 12746.2 million RUB, organizations which produce drinks 1151.7 million RUB. The index of food production made up 93.2%, drinks production 91.6%.

Achieved the growth in:

  • processing and preservation of meat, shellfish and clams by 0.9%;
  • processing and preservation of fruits and vegetables by 1.6 times;
  • production of vegetable and animal oils and fats by 4.4 times.

Noted the decrease in:

  • processing and preservation of meat and meat products by 9.5% (due to the decrease in the production at poultry plants of the Chuvash Republic);
  • dairy production by 18.7% (due to the termination of the Cheboksary dairy plant Unimilk Company, JSC);
  • production of flour-milling and cereal products, starch and starch products by 11.4% (due to the decrease in the production of whole-wheat flour caused by the lack of the third-class rye on the market);
  • production of bread and flour confectionary products by 2.2% (due to the decrease in the production by individual bakery plants caused by the decrease in the demand for such products, conditioned upon the appearance of mini-bakery products on the market);
  • prepared animal feed by 4.2%.

The decrease in the production of drinks is caused by the decrease in the production of beer, soft drinks caused by the cold and rainy summer.

Food and processing companies of the Chuvash Republic are constantly working on the improvement and modernization of production processes, new production lines are being introduced, range of products is being extended.

In April, 2017 Ptitsefabrika Akashevskaya, LLC resumed its operation after the reconstruction and modernization of the production.

Agrofirma Atlashevskaya, LLC introduced the production line for 3.2% and 2.5% fat pasteurized milk, while Illarionova S.R. introduced the production line for thermostatic milk products.

In order to extent the range of products Cheboskary Macaroni-Confectionary Factory Vavilon, LTD and AKKOND, JSC introduced new production lines for praline sweets.

In June 2017 Novochurashevskiy molochniy zavod, LLC finished the installation of a new production line for powdered milk, production capacity 16 tons per day. With its introduction the plant capacity for raw milk processing will be up to 350 tons per day.

At the 24th Interregional Exhibition Regions cooperation without borders (23-25 June, 2017) Yadrinmoloko, JSC presented a new type of milk products fermented milk product with 2,5% fat content.

Volga Ice introduced three new ice-cream lines: double-layer eskimo ice-cream without coating , sugar waffle cone ice-cream and the ice-cream line .

In 2017 the primary objectives in the field of agro-industrial complex are:

  • modernization of production capacities of agro-industrial organizations in terms of implementation of investment projects in order to meet public demand for high-quality ecologically clean and home-produced products;
  • implementation of new investment projects as well as ensuring the commissioning of unfinished construction facilities;
  • sustaining of cattle stock, increase in the production of livestock products;
  • increase in crop areas, including by means of introduction of uncultivated lands of agricultural desingation;
  • increase in average monthly salary of agricultural workers.

Primary source The Ministry of Economic Development of the Chuvash Republic

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