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Investment Map of Chuvashia

Chuvashia can be divided into four investment areas, which significantly differ from each other by their natural conditions, investment potential and attractiveness: Northern, Central, South-West and South-East.

Northern area

Yadrin, Morgaushi, Cheboksary, Mariinsky Posad, Tsivilsk, Alikovo, Krasnoarmeysky and Kozlovka districts.

It's the most attractive area for investments with a high economical potential. The main industry is concentrated in the cities of Cheboksary and Novocheboksarsk, which are characterized by the largest motor-car and water traffic junction, developed agriculture and processing industry (hop-growing area), advanced infrastructure, resort areas and forest availability.

Central area

Urmary, Kanash, Yantikovo, Ibresi and Vurnary districts.

The most important transport centre of this area -the city of Kanash, hosting engineering and metal processing enterprises. The town of Vurnary hosts an agricultural chemical plant "Firm "Avgust", JSC and an innovation centre for development and applications of new technologies in the sphere of the agricultural chemistry and biotechnology. It is an agricultural area with a big potential for agricultural processing industry. The area is reach in natural resources: brick earth, limestone, wood.

South-East area

Komsomolskoye, Yalchiki, Batyrevo and Shemursha districts.

Agricultural area with black humus earth and highest cadastral land rating in Chuvashia. The Batyrevo district is the most ecologically clean area and the leader in efficient use of agricultural land in the Republic. The district has international villages. The volume of produced products significantly surpass the volumes of processing industry. Horse-breeding is developed in the district. The district is attractive for establishing ecologically clean agricultural and forest production facilities.

South-West area

Krasnye Chetai, Shumerlia, Poretskoye and Alatyr districts.

Developed industrial and agricultural district, rich in natural resorces, the most important of which is forest resources.
Due to the high agricultural potential of Krasnye Chetai district, the area is also attractive for organization of the vegetables’ and potato processing.

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